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Raymond Henderson is noted as much for his dry wit and candor as he is for his sensitive handling of the diverse personalities who comprise his clientele. Raymond has made his name as one of New Zealand’s top stylists by paying careful attention to both the inside and outside of his client’s head. Hair, he believes, should be the glamorous extension of who you are inside. Raymond strives to give all his clients the same thing, a clean, warm, modern look that blends the glamour and grace of uptown with all the youth and vitality of downtown. It's the perfect formula, one that allows every client to express themselves easily, naturally and beautifully.

Auckland businesswoman Sarah Trotman has been "seeing" her hairdresser, Raymond Henderson, for around seven years and wouldn't dream of looking for another. "What I like most about Raymond is that he is the funniest person I know and he will always lift my spirits," she says. "He can read my moods. He really gets the customer service angle and treats every single one of his clients like a princess. Raymond could move to Huntly and I'd drive down there," says Trotman, who simply texts him when she wants an appointment.
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